The Role of Center in Rugby 7s

The Role Of Center In Rugby 7s

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Rugby 7s is a dynamic and fast-paced variant of the traditional rugby game, known for its high-scoring matches and electrifying plays. In this version, each team fields only seven players, demanding versatility and adaptability from every position on the field. One such crucial position is the center, a player with a unique set of skills and responsibilities.

What Does a Center Do in Rugby Sevens?

players in rugby 7s showcasing center position

In rugby 7s, the center is distinguished as a formidable ball carrier, adept at engaging opposition defenders in contact situations. Centers play a pivotal role in offensive maneuvers by forging a crucial connection with their fly-half.

Their expertise lies in delivering precise, long-range passes to the fleet-footed wings, thereby driving the attacking play forward. It is worth noting that within a squad, centers frequently emerge as the linchpins of the defensive line, showcasing their proficiency in thwarting opposing advances.

Attacking Prowess

Centers in rugby 7s are akin to the engine that drives the team’s attack. These players are renowned for their strong ball-carrying abilities, as they charge into the opposition’s defensive line, often drawing in multiple defenders. This strategic move creates space on the field, setting the stage for the next phase of play.

Centers serve as the vital link between the fly-half and the outside wingers. Their proficiency in delivering long, accurate passes with both hands is instrumental in sending the wingers sprinting up the touchline. This ability to distribute the ball effectively is a hallmark of a skilled center.

A key aspect of a center’s attacking role is their involvement in set plays. They may swap roles with the fly-half to orchestrate these maneuvers, demonstrating their tactical acumen and adaptability on the field.

Defensive Skills

In the world of rugby 7s, centers are often hailed as the linchpins of the team’s defense. Defending from this central position is considered one of the most demanding tasks during set phases. Centers in 7s must excel at making tackles in both directions, leaving no room for a preferred side.

Tackle drills play a crucial role in honing this skill. Centers must be formidable defenders regardless of the direction of the attack. Their ability to read the game and anticipate moves is vital in stopping potential line breaks and maintaining a solid defensive line.

An illustrative example featuring the renowned Springbok center, Cecil Afrika, showcases the defensive prowess of a top-tier center. Afrika’s keen positioning and impeccable technique thwart a Fijian attack, demonstrating how a well-executed tackle can shift the momentum of a match.

Transitioning from Fifteens to Sevens

For players contemplating a shift from fifteens rugby to the faster-paced world of rugby 7s, the position of center brings its own set of challenges and requirements. While traditional fifteens rugby often features two distinct types of centers, rugby 7s demands a blend of playmaking finesse and powerful ball-carrying.

Pace becomes a pivotal factor, distinguishing successful centers in the sevens game. Players must possess the ability to break tackles, execute precise passes, employ agile footwork, and exhibit a burst of speed. These attributes collectively define a center’s effectiveness in the rugby 7s arena.

Jersey Numbers in Rugby 7s

Unlike fifteens rugby, where specific jersey numbers are associated with field positions, rugby 7s adopts a more flexible approach. World Rugby mandates squads to assign jersey numbers from one through twelve, allowing centers to don any of these numbers on the field.

Learn More About Rugby 7s Positions

Understanding the function of each player is critical to mastering rugby sevens. As a result, we’ve written an article that walks you through each position in great detail. Check out our article “Mastering Rugby 7s Positions” to take your game to the next level.

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